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101+ Best Free Movie Streaming Websites in Jan. 2018 to Watch Movies

There’s a lot on websites that get you free movie streaming. It’s almost an epidemic. But some of the most popular ones just don’t have enough variety in them to hold your attention. You shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre when you can get amazing picture quality, streaming speeds and a whole lot on other additional features to make movie time a lot more fun. So here are over 100 less known movie streaming websites that will get you your movies without a hitch.


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List of Best Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Online

Coming with a very simple, sober and streamlined design, SolarMovie really makes it easy to browse through your favourite shows and pick ones to watch that you like best. The one thing you will notice is the easy arrangement of Latest TV Series on the website; The most recent episodes are right there of the top of the pile so you can get along to watching the content than scrolling through its history which makes solarmovies one of the best streaming website.

MoviePlus is a lot more no-nonsense. There are genres and chronological tags along with content types you can use to browse, but you could easily miss them in the drab interface. Nevertheless, there is quite a collection of movies and TV shows you can access on the website. There’s also Live Sports.

You’ll like Evo Movies if you’re a fan of movie apps. This one’s arranged just like the famous movie app designs. And it has the latest content people want to watch. The time tags of the top are helpful. There’s a lot of free movies to watch, though you might not be impressed by the occasional dud.

Ozoomic is like an upgraded version of Evo Movies. The upgrade? The genre and Info sections that appear on the top. The website itself resembles Ozoomic. But the content is really easy to sort with the extra filter button on top. It helps you browse exactly the sort on movies you want to watch every Friday. Pretty cool addition, if you ask me.

My Download Tube is a really amazing website that makes for some crazy entertainment. The design is creative, and there’s a very low chance of you not being able to stream or download a movie it has of its servers, which is often a lot you can say about even the bigwigs of this genre. You really should try it out.

If you’re cool with a white background that can potentially scorch your eyes when you’re in bed at night, Movie Watcher Online Cinema might do the trick for you. The app has a star rating of top on its picture art, and an attractive hover friendly information button. Really easy to get a synopsis for the movie you’re considering to watch.

A slightly offbeat look will probably get you inspired. In all it’s off white and purple design, movie24 has all you need right on the home page. There’s even social media sharing buttons on the page so you can get your friends to watch the stuff you like with much more ease.

Haloa Movies should probably have gone for an app. The website is extraordinarily like an android app’s interface, with the movies carrying a big thumbnail, a synopsis that comes up as you hover on the thumbnail. The menu is quick to navigate, and there’s a neat sorting feature as well. Try it out!

If you can deal with all the whiteness of the website, there’s a lot this website can get you to watch. The best part is the marquee arrangement of titles on the page containing all the movies you might care to watch, which can be conveniently just pulled from side to side to scroll. The content selection might impress you as well.

Mogo movies has some of the same benefits as House Movie. But the content is arguably wider and contains entertainment for a wider audience. The sorting arrangement is a bit shoddy, to be fair. But I guess you can’t always get everything you want, right?

Some of the best movies and TV shows are available to stream on FMovies. The most inspiring thing about this website is the quick access to trending movies right through the home page marquee that is updated with sincere regularity. The content can also be sorted via Country, which is a welcome addition to the stale mix of time and genre. The site also has a request page and a dedicated Anime section, which is beyond helpful when you’re a fan of the genre.

For a website that says movies in the title, you sure can find a lot of TV series to watch for free over here. What sets this one apart from the crowd is the added genres of entertainment that you can use to sort content from. Even more significant is the ethnic content from countries like Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, France, Hong Kong and other locations. It is quite a feature to have when you’re looking to watch content from outside Hollywood.


Having the top movies arranged according to the decade they came out in is really a different approach to take. Cafe Movie is constantly trying out new stuff in Beta and so you have new features every now and then. There are TV shows as well. All the content can be sorted according to individual years as well, and clubbed with popularity ratings, it really gets you in touch with the tastes of people in the years gone by.


I’m not sure if you know about the TubiTV app. But the website is a work of art, for sure. The site has a staff picks section if you’re into curated entertainment. The website also has a lot of out of the box entertainers. You might be put off if you’re only interested in trope-filled hollywood cinema. TubiTV is really taking things to the next level. Try out the Not on Netflix section and Black TV and Cinema for some real entertainment.

OK this website is positively unlike anything you’ve seen before. There are a host of movies and TV shows you wouldn’t find elsewhere. But what really steals your heart is the layout which lets you browse tens on categories at once. Scroll up and down to get to different marquees, and then swipe horizontally to look at what’s features. Searching with name is also just as easy.Join the website to access more features like favoring movies, so you can reach them faster.


There’s a shortage of websites that cater to black audiences. is a welcome respite in the situation. The website has some of the best Yoruba and Nollywood entertainment around. Watching requires an account, but it is totally worth it! The service also has an app on both iOS and Android, so you can access your favorite content online as well as offline.

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There are tens of other Movie Streaming Websites that are pretty great to use. But we can’t name them all. Comment the ones you love below so everyone else can check them out too!

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