Best Exercise and Workout Videos on Netflix

Best Exercise and Workout Videos on Netflix 2018

With the busy schedules we all have, going to the gym can be too much to ask. Couple that with the lack of guidance that most of us experience in the best of gyms and how perilous that can be to bodily health, it is a pretty bad deal to pay a small fortune each year for less than a month’s value. Luckily, there are enough exercise videos on Netflix of all varieties for you to last your lifetime. You’re already subscribing for the episodes of Orange is the New Black anyways.


Does Netflix have Exercise and Workout Videos?

Of course it does! Netflix is among the best sources to get your favorite exercise and workout sessions. You get in depth narrations of workouts, posture, stretches and even a detailed understanding of equipment with most of these videos. Netflix is better than going to the gym, because you don’t have to bear the morning traffic, or even get out of bed to rush through a pre-workout meal. There’s no rush to grab a seat closer to the instructor either. With the number of exercise and workout regimes waiting on the service that require no more equipment than a mat to sit upon, you’re not going to be spending thousands of bucks for nothing.

The best Netflix Workout and Exercise Videos:

There are tens of genres within fitness in Netflix. There are videos on Yoga and Tai Chi, for a general slimming workout, as well as videos to coach you into getting a ripped body. The videos also come specialised for age groups like for kids and you can even find routines comfortable for people with different bodily abilities. Here are some good videos for you to check out.

Jilian Michaels: 30 Day Shred
This 30 day workout program has circuit trainings to burn calories by the bucket, raise your endurance levels and also develop muscle mass, which most people are keen to. The video is a complete regime you can follow, with three sessions of 20 minutes, one for warm-up, the next with the exercise and workout and the last for a cooldown. It shouldn’t take you long to enjoy this amazing regime.

Denise Austin’s Fit Kids

It’s a good idea to get your kids working out from a young age so they stay fit and healthy all through their lives. Plus, working out with your kids can be a great bonding experience for you as a family. Denise Austin’s Fit Kids accomplishes both those goals. The regimes here introduce kids to great elements from a diverse range of exercises, going from Hula hoops to kickboxing, and even dabbling into basic yoga. There is also a family program, which you can do as a parent-child exercise. It has exercises such as playing ball, helping with stretches and tens of other elements. For a 40 minute runtime, it sure packs a punch.

Biggest Loser Cardio Max

Biggest Loser has a pretty intensive workout regime. It is recommended to increase your exercise with time as mentioned in the program to reap the most benefits. Biggest Loser Cardio Max has three trainers working with you to speed up your fat burning, sweat out the pounds and a pretty amazing kickboxing workout that focuses on your butt and thigh. This is a good regime if you want to lose some weight.

Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi

Tai Chi is highly rated as a fitness regime. Scott Cole is an expert in this form of exercise, and this formulation is his expert curation that balances flexibility, mobility and balance. This is one great video to follow if you’re not as young as you used to be, or if you’re a beginner at Tai Chi. Maybe you’ll be inspired to check out some of his tougher videos further in the line, even though this one is complete and wholesome on its own too.

Crunch: Candlelight Yoga

Had a tough day shuttling the kids from school to the gym and working yourself into a stupor in your office? Candlelight Yoga is the best way to relax! Light a few scented candles on the mantle and let instructor Sara Ivanhoe guide you to losing all the stress you’ve accumulated over the day. Yoga is a complete exercise routine in itself, and Crunch is a nice introduction to the amazing system that empowers you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Progressive Pilates: 4 10-minute Target-Tone Workouts

Looking for an Aerobic regime you can do completely at home? This is the video training for you. If you have a specific problem area you want to work of, like your arms, thighs or abs, you can choose to follow that while also strengthening your core. This gets you a regime that takes your wishes into account.

Trainer’s Edge: Killer Abs and Back

Trainer’s Edge: Killer Abs and Back requires some equipment at your place, which is cheap to buy and easy to install. A Jump Rope, a body bar and a set on 2 to 5 pounds dumbbells should have you set. Trainer’s edge is pretty great to work up a sweat. The video is surely among the best ways to get in shape, build strength and endurance and cultivate general fitness. You might not want to attempt this if you’re a complete novice. But it is definitely a great challenge to take up if you’re a little experienced with following fitness regimes.

There are several other great fitness, exercise and workout videos on Netflix that you can use to take out a few pounds, de-stress and cultivate physical strength. It is important to have realistic goals with fitness, and only attempt exercise routines that you can handle. Have an experienced buddy workout with you for the first few days, so you know you’re capable of handling the exercises mentioned. Most importantly, have fun with the videos and enjoy the exercises you’re doing, and you’ll surely have a higher level on fitness with a few months of consistent workout.

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