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So I don’t know if there’s basically anyone who doesn’t know what Netflix is, but just in case, here’s a quick introduction to the service. Netflix lets you access TV shows, movies and all other sorts of broadcasted entertainment online on the device of your choice, be it Android phones, Kindles, iPhones, iPads, PCs or Macs. The service comes for a measly subscription and gets you unlimited TV watching, without insipid, unwanted ads. The Standard and Premium have HD modes, and Premium has an additional Ultra HD mode that really takes things to a new level. The service can even run on a web browser if you don’t want an app, but people use the app to Chromecast their content to a PC, a TV or other big screened devices.



Now the thing with Netflix is that not everyone’s excited about paying a monthly subscription fee of $8. It could be because you don’t have a whole lot of time to actually get your money’s worth each month. Or it could be that you’re a student working a job or two to pay for tuition and who cannot exactly kiss entertainment goodbye because that’s the only thing keeping you sane. Well, no worries! There are neat ways to keep your Netflix entertainment free and uninterrupted. With Free Netflix Accounts, complete with their latest passwords for each username, your job is half done. Simply check this website for some usernames and passwords and give them a try.

How to get free Netflix Account? Do Account Generators work?

Simply put, there are two ways to get Netflix Accounts to watch the content free. One lasts a month, and the other can last for quite longer, depending on how long you want to continue with it.

Netflix Premium Account Generators do not exist. There are no real generators, simply because there is no algorithm or code that fools the Netflix servers into thinking you’ve already paid each time you log in. You can also not make a free netflix account without credit card usage. If you don’t want to incur heavy losses because you might forget about the account after pairing it with your credit card, keep a short supply of cash in that account and request a balance statement from your credit card company if you don’t already get one.

How to get free Netflix accounts that actually work?

There’s two methods to do this, as i mentioned earlier. Let’s go through each of these.

Getting free Netflix content via Trial Membership

The first month of Netflix’s membership is free. So if you can cancel your membership before each month ends, and make a new account for the next, you can get an unending list of emails at your disposal that ensure you never miss your favorite shows on TV. What’s more, you can register all of these over the same credit card! Intrigued? Here’s what you need to do.


  • Go to Netflix’s website and create an account. Use an email ID on your choice, enter the password and set up the credit card details.
  • Enjoy a month of free TV and movies online.
  • When the month long trial period is about to end, cancel the subscription through the “Membership and Billing” tab under “Your Account”, which you can access by tapping your profile picture on the app as well as the website.
  • Make a new email ID using a username and password you remember. Better still, note it down somewhere private.
  • Sign up once again on the website, and use the same credit card details if you don’t have more lying around you.
  • The service will now resume for you.


The only downside to this method is that you lose all your user data. So there’s no record on what you were watching or something you liked earlier. So if you started watching a TV show in the beginning of the month and then forgot about it, you’ll have to rely on fate to chance upon the TV series again.

Free Netflix Accounts Online:

There is another way you can get to watch Netflix without paying a penny. There are accounts you can use to access the app for free, some of which I’m putting below. Simply use these free accounts to log in to your app and you can have fun with the vast store of content without needing to bother about accruing payments. You can get new accounts periodically, so that your movie watching remains free and convenient.

All of these seem to be working of my end. But if you do come across one that doesn’t, please tell us through the comments so we may try them again and remove ones that don’t work. There’s plenty of accounts here, so don’t worry; you’re going to find one that works pretty quick and easy.

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