Hulu Plus for Free in Easy Steps

How to Login/Sign In to Hulu Plus for Free in Easy Steps

Making a Hulu account is easy as pie. There are pretty much no apps that can compete with Hulu’s huge library. The fewer number of commercials is also a major attraction. There’s no reason to not make a Hulu account! With just one Hulu Login, you can access your favorite shows and movies for no cost. But if you really want to open the floodgates and get unlimited access, Hulu Plus Login is in order. Signing up with a Hulu Plus Service costs only about $8 a month, and it can get you all the TV shows and movies available on the app’s servers to watch free, anytime, anywhere. Our team also wrote an article about the best movie streaming apps check it out.

Hulu plus

How to Sign In with Hulu?

Signing in with Hulu is easier than you expect. You can use your Facebook account to get in. But there are more ways to make your account too. Let’s see one of them.

  • Go to Hulu’s official website.
  • Go to hulu sign in.
  • Choose the “Limited Commercials” plan in the next screen. This is the first out of three steps you need to complete.
  • Create an account using Facebook, or enter an email, set a password, enter your name and other details. Click Continue.
  • Add your Billing information. This can be one you prefer, like a Credit card, Debit card or even through PayPal.

And just like that, your Hulu account is ready! Go to Hulu’s website to sign in to hulu with this info, and you’re free to watch all the TV shows and movies you want.

How to Log in with Hulu Plus?

Hulu Plus is the hulu pack everyone’s gung ho about. The service comes for a few extra dollars, but it takes out all the plugs. There are no commercials, at all! And there are no limits to how many videos you can watch per month. So it makes sense people want to go for Hulu Plus, given it is just $12 afterwards. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Just like before, Go to the website and go to Sign in to sign in to hulu plus.
  • Choose the Unlimited plan for $11.99. This is the Hulu Plus plan.
  • Enter account details, or continue with Facebook to hasten things up.
  • Set up billing details using a Credit or Debit Card or via PayPal.
  • The app is all set to be used! Log in with your username and password combination, or use Facebook.

Now wasn’t that triflingly simple to hulu plus sign up? If only all apps could be this easy to log into and set up. But anyways, hopefully this helps you access Hulu and enjoy the world of entertainment available to watch.

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