Netflix for Kodi

How To Install Netflix on Kodi Addon Free 2016

Netflix is such a great app, that if anyone says they don’t want it for they’re device, they’re bound to be lying. For a tiny subscription fee, you’re free to enjoy a world of entertainment, unfettered by genre, geography or any other superficial distinction. Kodi Netflix has been a hotly enquired subject too, and so here is all you need to know about how to get it working.

Netflix for Kodi


Netflix for Kodi: Is it possible?

Kodi and Netflix seem like the perfect companions. Kodi’s superior interface is nothing short of perfect to use the Netflix app on. Kodi can install services on itself as Add ons.

I’m sure you’ve seen videos of people using it on their Kodi devices. It’d make you think there is an add on for Kodi that plays Netflix. But there isn’t. Kodi Netflix Addon was discontinued a few years ago, and it is not supported anymore.

Is there a Netflix Kodi Addon Alternative?

Netflix Addon for Kodi has been discontinued since quite some time now. So is there a way around this hiccup?

Turns out there is. It is an online service with its own website which has all the features and facilities any of its apps do. So if you can log into Netflix via the web browser of Kodi, you can access all your movies.

The alternative is the Web Viewer Add-On.

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How to use Web Viewer Addon on Kodi to watch Netflix?

Here are the steps you need to follow to watch Netflix on Kodi

  • Install the Web Viewer Add On to your Kodi OS. If you prefer another internet browser, that will do too.
  • Use the browser to go to Netflix’s website.
  • Login with your Username and Password details.
  • You should now be able to access all your favorite movies and TV shows without any hassle.

This is the safest way to access Netflix on Kodi, since there is no officially okayed Addon currently in the market. IF you’d like to try out any third party addons other than this, please be mindful that it is a risky thing to try, since not a lot of these addons are well reviewed. Netflix for Kodi is simpler to access via the Web browser addons. Since there are a lot of browsers for Kodi, you should have no problem trying to find the browser best suited for your needs.

If there are any queries in your mind, please don’t hesitate to type them out in the comments below.

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